Tuesday, February 7, 2012

overflow of thoughts

Today, I'm reminded to slow down and capture each moment. To truly live in the moment. To love a lot... to simply text amazing friends and not only pour out praises on them but remind myself what a blessing they are. I'm thankful for time to read (while turning off season 8 of One Tree Hill was embarrassingly difficult). I'm thankful for John Maxwell's "Winning With People" that is bringing so much perspective. Slowing down. Not wasting a second. These cliche sayings are ringing so true. I get to think, be thankful, learn, live, breathe. I rest in the tranquility. And now, I rest in the words of my Father as I read over and over Romans 8, which captured my attention this morning. I overflow in thankfulness for the amazing plan of the Father. That His Spirit has been given to me. That I'm a part of His plan. That I have been redeemed and He's allowed me to be a vessel of redemption. So why wait? Why waste time? Why not explode with the love of Jesus? Why hold on to bitterness and pain? Why not lay it all down at His feet? Why hold onto something so dearly that has already been restored? I lay it all down, Lord. I overflow with you. I take advantage of each second of my day to glorify you! Yes, God. All of me for all of you.