Friday, January 27, 2012

Tribute to 2011

Oh it's been months. January has flown by. We are on day 20 of 21 days of prayer and fasting. You'd think these three weeks would be the longest ever, but I can hardly believe it is almost February. Let's begin with highlights of 2011(photo version of course)...

Mama and I went to Key West

I participated in Highland's 2:52 internship and it was ah-mazing.
Such an awesome time growing in the Lord and beginning wonderful friendships!

I spent Spring Break in Destin, Florida

I began serving with Switch, Highlands student ministry

The tornado hit Tuscaloosa April 27, 2011

I enjoyed the beauty of the Lord is the midst of it

And Highlands fought back. I am so blessed to be 
surrounded by so many servants of Christ. 

Ow owww, the beginning of it all

Summer lake trip with some sweet friends

Sarah Clemson turned 14. I can hardly believe it.

I worked at JH Ranch for the 2nd summer in a row!

And had so much fun in the rodeo

AND met amazing new friends

I turned 19.

Hit the beach before school started back

Attended plentyyy of Alabama games. 14 National Championships.

Enjoyed so much fellowship

Prayed and cried for Switch

Spent time with this amazing family

Matt turned 21!

Found a new obsession for Ben Rector

Austin ran his last cross country race

Plenty of food and fun on Thanksgiving

I was baptized!! Hallelujah!

Katie turned 21!

Got tacky with some Switch leaders

We finally have a new family photo after who knows how long! 
Christmas Eve with the Duckworth's

Annual Duckworth grandkid photo

And the annual Kaufman grandkid photo

So blessed.

Spent time with high school best friends

Dressed all fancy for the Deb ball

He dresses up good. We danced away 2011.

I am utterly blown away with how incredible 2011 was. So much change in my life all for the glory of God. He brings us from glory to glory so I can only stand in expectation for all He has to offer in 2012! Well here's to the recap of 2011, and here's to 2012! 21 days of prayer and fasting ends tomorrow and I can't wait to share all the Lord has done in just 3 weeks. Oh, he is faithful! How great is our God?